EyeQue — Can a $15 smartphone attachment really give a good prescription?

That was my question. I saw this item as one of the products of the 2019 CES. My curiosity was piqued. I’d always wondered why we didn’t have more self-serve kiosks at least.

I mean someone must see an opportunity to make a buck!

And perhaps someone did. This item is pretty cheap. $15 to get a new prescription. Without vision insurance, a simple trip to the optometrist is quite pricey. But again, the device has to work right. It has to give a proper prescription.

So does it?

Well, that’s all inside the video. Skip to the end if you simply cannot wait to find out.

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Update (3/14/2020): Looks like the price has more than doubled since I bought it. Honestly, while it is a neat idea, I don’t think I’d buy it again. I have only used it one time. Best thing is to visit a real doctor and ensure no problems are there that could be detected before they get serious.

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