BulletProof Vest Made of Peeps?! (Marshmallow Body Armor??) | Peep Mayhem ep. 3

Can you wear Peeps as a bulletproof vest? Is Peep Body Armor Possible? Can a bulletproof vest made of peeps stop bullets? Will marshmallow candy save your life?? Could this be a viable Homemade Body Armor or Homemade BulletProof Vest? So many questions!! We’ll answer this and more…
We will shoot multiple calibers to do this test. What we find out will surprise you! We test four different common calibers, to see which ones this Easter Candy will stop.

Be sure to watch the other videos

“how many peeps will stop a bullet” https://youtu.be/SRoliPbn9ZY How many peeps will a 22 go through and stop

and “point blank peeps” https://youtu.be/_MPZF7nlX3U
for more peep shooting fun!
How many peeps will a 22 go through and stop at point blank!

(We shoot .223 AR-15, .22 rifle and .45 and 9mm pistol)

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”
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