Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, by all indications, Peeps marshmallow candies are here to stay. But after more than half a century, this divisive Easter candy has got to have its fair share of fun facts and interesting history. Let’s dive into the untold truth of Peeps.

Today, Peeps chicks are produced at a breakneck speed of six minutes each. If six minutes for one marshmallow doesn’t sound all that impressive, it’s because you don’t know how long the process used to take.

In 1953, Just Born, the candy company who made Peeps a household name, was looking to acquire the Rodda Candy Company, mostly because of its jelly bean technology. But on a tour of the factory, the Born family noticed something that piqued their interest and had nothing to do with jelly beans. Just Born vice president Matt Pye told USA Today,

“… while the family was touring the Rodda Candy Company, in the back part of the factory were these women with pastry tubes squirting these marshmallow chicks by hand.”

But this was no quick process, and it took 27 hours from start to finish to make these marshmallow chicks. Why so long? It was all thanks to the very lengthy cooling time required before the candy could be packaged.

Once Just Born acquired the company, they immediately set about automating the Peeps-making process, which included a faster dry time, and have managed to shave more than 21 hours off the operation. Now that you have all the facts, six minutes seems party darn fast, doesn’t it?

Watch the video to find out more about what you should know before eating Peeps.

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