This is an overview of EyeQue’s VisionCheck and Insight systems.

Regular viewers will notice that I’m wearing new glasses. What you may not know is they have an updated prescription that I was able to create without leaving the comfort of my home. This was made possible with this device. This is EyeQue’s Vision Check. It uses Bluetooth to pair to a smartphone and through a series of exercises, its companion app generates the numbers needed to purchase glasses online. Based on my experience with this product and purchasing the frames and lenses from online retailer EyeBuyDirect, I was able to save more than 75% when compared to retail store prices and received the new glasses in a week.

The Vision Check sells for $69 and while it doesn’t replace the need for a medical exam, it is an effective tool that results in notable cost savings in buying glasses online. I can recommend this product.

In this video, you’ll meet Phoebe Yu, the Director of Marketing at EyeQue and we’ll discuss both the VisionCheck, PDCheck and Insight products. For more information, visit

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