What is UPRIGHT GO 2?

UPRIGHT GO 2 is a wearable biofeedback device that trains you to improve your posture habits. When you slouch, it gently vibrates on your back, reminding you to correct your body position. You can keep track of your progress and view all your posture stats in the companion app.

How to wear UPRIGHT GO 2?

There are two ways to wear the UPRIGHT GO 2: it can be applied to your back with reusable, skin-friendly adhesives or it can be worn around your neck by attaching the UPRIGHT Necklace. Both options provide a comfortable, secure fit that’s suitable for all-day wear.

Regular training with UPRIGHT not only helps to strengthen your back and core muscles, but it also makes you more mindful of how you hold your body. As a result, your posture continues to improve, even when you’re not using the device.

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