FIXD review:

Is this device worth all the hype and attention? Sure it’s popular but does that mean it actually does what it says it does? In this video I will be doing a complete analysis of this product that is designed to help you stop getting ripped off by mechanics and to monitor your car in real time for any potential issues.

The first thing that I want to address about FIXD is the main function that it was designed for and that is to scan for potential car issues. How does it do this exactly? Well, the device plugs into your cars board diagnostics port. All US cars after 1996 have this so there is a good chance that your car will be able to use this gadget.

You will also need to install the free FIXD app that works for both iOS and Android phones. And yes, it is completely free. After installation you just need to pair the device with your phone via bluetooth and then press scan within the app.

Then it will take about 60 seconds to do a complete scan of your car and return a list of issues and the severity of them. But not only this, it will also give you price estimates. So if you do need to go to a mechanic you will have an idea of the price.

This will help reduce the chances of you getting ripped off. And instead of going into the mechanic blind and ignorant, you will have a better idea of costs and what is actually wrong with you car. FIXD car diagnostic can scan for over 7000 problems which is amazing.

So the main function of this device will help save you money. It could actually save you thousands. And it’s very inexpensive. I’m sure you have seen other FIXD car diagnostic review articles and videos talking about this main point.

Many car issues arise when the check engine light goes on. This is a very simple indicator. It doesn’t really tell you much of anything. Your car could be dealing with a minor error like you left the gas cap off or it could be something much, much more serious like engine failure.

The fact is, it tells you very little. But with FIXD, when the check engine light goes on, you can plug in the device (or you can always have it plugged in as it’s powered by the car battery) and do a quick scan and you will find out the reason for the engine light.

You may even be able to fix the issue quickly yourself without having to pay a service fee to a mechanic.

This product will give you peace of mind because it can always be scanning for any issues and alert you to them in real time by sending a notification to your phone. It will know your car make, model and miles so it will tell you when you should get your car serviced. This will help extend the life and health of your car.

In fact FIXD could be looked at like a health tracker for your car. With so much technology changes happening, don’t you think it would be a good idea to give your car some of this health technology so you can keep it running optimally?

So what cars does FIXD work with? It works with all gas and hybrid powered cars built after 1996. And every diesel vehicle that has been manufactured after 2008. For international cars, it will work with all gasoline, diesel and hybrid car models 2006 and after.

Another cool feature is that it will monitor the health of multiple cars. So for instance if you wanted to track the health of your kids car and know if it has any issues and when to get it serviced. This would give you a lot of peace of mind wouldn’t it?

If you’re still reading all the way down here, please do yourself a favor and make sure you check out the full video here:

I hope you found a lot of value in this FIXD review and you now know whether it’s something that will benefit you or not. We highly recommend this device as I’m sure you can see. It’s so cheap and offers so much value so for those reasons we absolutely love it.


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