Blissy Review:

So you’re thinking about getting Blissy? Well, I would hold off from doing that! Instead, check out this review so that you can get more insight into what it is, how it works, and the benefits and negatives to this anti aging pillowcase. It’s wise to be better informed before ultimately making your choice.

So what exactly is Blissy? It’s a pillowcase that is made from 100% mulberry silk. Many people wonder what are the benefits to a silk pillowcase over a regular cotton one. And this is a good question. And this is what I will be talking about.

The Blissy pillow as it’s often referred to incorrectly, because it’s not a pillow but rather a pillowcase is said to be anti aging. And this is the thing that attracts people to this. But can it really help with skin youthfulness?

It turns out that silk has a lot of positive characteristics over regular cotton. One of the major things is that it contains a lot less chemicals. And depending on the silk used it can be zero. And think about it this way, since your face can be in contact with the material you sleep on for 8 hours or more a night, you would want to ensure that less chemicals are rubbing up against your skin right?

Regular pillows also tend to increase the creases on your face and this can contribute to aging and wrinkles. Obviously this is not a good thing if you want to look the best that you can.

Friction is another factor for skin health and longevity. And Blissy has demonstrated that it can reduce friction by 43%. Think about it, each time you move or change positions your face is rubbing up against the pillow case. Silk can help your skin glide over the surface area with less friction which results in less irritation and chaffing of the delicate facial skin.

As you sleep you want to ensure that your skin is supported and healthy. And a silk pillow can accomplish this. It will also keep you skin cool, which will help you sleep better. And if you have issues sleeping, you will be relieved to know that using the Blissy pillow case can help you sleep better in a variety of ways.

Allergens such as mold and dust can be a big issue with regular pillow cases. This pillow on the other hand is anti allergenic, anti mold, and anti dust mite. So if you have ever found that you get congested when you lie down to sleep, you may find when you make the change to silk that this issue completely disappears.

Many Blissy reviews that I’ve seen talk about how it’s non absorbent but they never really tell you the benefits to this. And I think it’s actually very significant. And especially for women. As most women will apply a nighttime serum or moisturizer to their face before bed hoping that it will stay on their skin throughout the night.

But cotton pillow cases are highly absorbent and will pretty much strip all these products from the skin, essentially making them worthless. When you use the Blissy pillow case you will be relieved to know that it’s actually hydrating. So in other words it will allow the products you use on your skin to stay on your skin so they can actually have a positive effect. This is a big benefit to making the switch to this product!

If you want more insights into this awesome product then please check out my video which you can find here:

Thanks again for taking the time to check out my thoughts and feelings in this Blissy review. I do hope you pick it up and try it out as I do think there are plenty of ways it will benefit you over a regular pillowcase.

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